Yi Zhou

I study Computer Graphics and Vision in USC as a PHD student, under the supervision of Dr. Hao Li. In the spare time, I love singing, dancing, painting and playing Ukulele.

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Hair Tracking and Modeling

Use deep neural networks to reconstruct hair from single-view portrait images or videos.



Yi Zhou, Liwen Hu, Jun Xin, Weikai Chen, Han-Wei Kung, Xin Tong, Hao Li
accecpted by 15th European Conference on Computer Vision 2018, 09/2018 – ECCV 2018

Human Motion Synthesis

Use deep neural network to synthesize complex human motions, e.g. dances and martial arts.



Yi Zhou, Zimo Li, Shuangjio Xiao, Chong He, Zeng Huang, Hao Li
Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Representations 2018, 04/2018 – ICLR 2018

Face Tracking, Modeling and Synthesis

Track the expressions and textures of the face from videos, then synthesize new facial images and video with given expressions, e.g. swap the face between two videos.



Kyle Olszewski, Zimo Li, Chao Yang, Yi Zhou, Ronald Yu, Zeng Huang, Sitao Xiang, Shunsuke Saito, Pushmeet Kohli, Hao Li
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision 2017, 10/2017 – ICCV 2017


Inspired by the hologram system in manga "Psycho Pass" I design the Pmomo (projection mapping on movable object) system to create the phantasm of real-world objects being covered with virtual exteriors. As supporting 6-DOF object motion, the system can keep tracking the object and projecting 3D texture on its surface in real-time. Meanwhile, occlusions are culled from projection as to improve the sense of realism. In the picture left, the models held in the user' hands were originally white but now rendered with vivid textures by projection.

For watching the demonstration videos (better with sound on):



Yi Zhou​, Shuangjiu Xiao, Ning Tang, Zhiyong Wei, Xu Chen
Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pp. 781-790. ACM, 2016, 05/2016 – CHI 2016


It is a cloud powered magic that enable users to grab pictures and music directly from the screen, carrying around the data and put them 'into' other smart devices. Through hand commands, the files are transferred from device-to-device without any extra equipment. For watching the videos:

It won the Global 3rd place of 2013 Imagine Cup - Azure Challenge,
Also won the 3rd place of 2013 Imagine Cup - Mail. Ru Awards

Clio Super Painter

Clio is an android app that makes painting a new way of communication. It allows users to do synchronous painting and picture transmission on more than three Android devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. To make it more fun, Clio also generates special effects when 'telepathy' happens between the users.
For downloading the apps and watching the video: 

It won the Global 1st place: 2012 Ericsson Application Awards

Human Motion Recognition Based on Joint Motion Image

In the field of human motion recognition methods, the objective of this research is to transform motions into images and accurately recognize the motion images, under very small training sets.

Performance-based 3D Cartoon Facial Animation Control

I developed this software to create a windows application that can make the avatars follow the facial and body actions of the users in real time. In the left picture, I am controlling 'Sponge Bob' to perform funny actions of nodding and laughing. My method is building several key facial expression models, and morphing them into a new expression according to the facial coefficients tracked by Kinect.

AVAT: Automatic Visual Activity Test

AVAT is a medical application based on Kinect, and it can offer multiple self-catering vision test items, including: visual acuity test, chromatoptometry test and stereopsis vision test. It is very easy and convenient for hospital and home usage. Plus, AVAT can track the vision test results, helping the specialists to assess the change of visual condition, e.g. parents willing to monitor the vision acuity of their children. With the popularization of the AVAT system in medical institutions, schools and communities, it could solve the issue  of the overloaded physical examinations in China.

It won the Chinese local 2rd prize of 2012 Imagine Cup 


       When I was ten, I was brought to a music professor to learn singing and piano, nine years later, I got the highest score for vocal category as a music special student of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

       But music also help me in another, while more important way. Before learning music, I was a very shy girl, quiet and immersed in my own little world. But music opened a door for me, digging out the shining part of me. It explored my talent, gave me the confidence of expressing myself; and through the life in choirs, I have enjoyed the fun of being surrounded by people who share the same interest and aspiration to endeavor together for wonderful shows.

       I am now the deputy head of the SJTU Student Choir since 2014. Every year our choir helds concerts at home and abroad. We have been to many countries in Europe and America. As a high-level choir, we have been the 1st prize winner of national competition for three times in succession.

My singing records:

My compositions:


In the summer of 2012, I traveled to Sweden with my university's choir and chanced upon this beautiful lake in our way leaving. When I came back home, I painted the view I saw.

I am now taking Chinese painting courses in my university. The pictures below are my painting exercises.

Copy of "The Eighty-seven Immortals".
In this work, I restored the details of the ancient painting, and adding my own creativity into the lines.